DJ Peace

My passion is music. I was born into a family of musicians & my grandfather, Antonio Spada, made guitars by hand & taught me to play guitar by ear when I was 8 years old. I played in a few bands while I was in my teens living in Italy & spent 2 years working on community projects teaching kids to sing & perform live on stage at community festivals in the Tuscany region.

Soon after this I went to a local club & heard Francesco Farfa creating a journey of sounds with dj equipment. I was fascinated with his artistry & took up djaying as a hobby. I was hooked, and had enough money to buy only 1 belt drive deck which I used to mix along with the radio and soon started to play at a few local bars and clubs. In 1996, I decided to move to London where I met my creative wife, Samia

I spent the early part of UK life working my way up in restaurants & kept up my passion for music playing a few gigs with friends & making music with my brother-in-law, in the back of his shop in Rose Hill, Sutton. It was great, experimental & made on the most basic of studio equipment.

Around 1999 I started to dj more & promoted by my wife, from 2000 until 2004 I had residencies as Dj Peace, at various big Underground Dance parties in London & played at some great venues: Ministry of Sound, Alexandra Palace, SE One, Camden Palace to name a few. My style of music changed from house to trance & I released a top trance tune on Recover Records in 2003, The Force, with a vocal from my wife Samia. I also made 3 tracks with Fabrizio Motta (AKA Fabry or Dj Metaphase) one of which, Be Safe, was released on several dance compilation albums. Shortly after this my second son came along & my path veered away from the clubs to my home studio.

I made & released 3 albums of dance music and had several internet radio shows and hosted a range of parties then by 2007, in a flashback to my community youth music work in Italy, I became involved with several youth music projects for Home Educated kids as well as mainstream schooled youth. These music projects allowed me to share my gift for music and inspire young people to create their own music. Working with other gifted musicians and also my wife, who was very often at the helm of these projects, Run With Us / Rainbow Lights, was a 6 week production by a group of 9-11 year olds that included a music video and a performance at a local theater. I have also taken part in several festivals providing the musical backdrop for the SamiArt & The Silk Road community arts project

After 6 years since my first release with Fabry AKA DJ Metaphase, we decided to get back into the studio & write a new psy trance album together for PointZero Records, creating sounds that offer the clubber or music lover a taste of psy trance with a melodic twist. I have also been writing music that crosses all genres pop, rock, dance, chill out and look forward to releasing these one day.