Richard aka Dj Monster is certainly no stranger to the trance scene. He has been ripping up dance floors for over 10years with his unique blend of hard dance and psychedelic styles.."now im with pointzero records i aim to deliver nothing but the best"

"It all started when i was told of the legendary technics 1210s" As soon as Monster aquired these the mixing began shortly followed by the partys..This is when Munch was born, a club night run by monster and friends in his home town Southend. This night soon became one of the best trance partys in Essex. Whilst running Munch Monster played along side Lisa lashes,Judge Jules,Lisa Pinup to name a few in clubs around his town.

How did you come up with the name Monster?   "when i started munch with my friends i couldnt think of a name, so my friend Pat got me a T shirt saying Munch Monster and its kind of stuck since then"

"Ive enjoyed my journey thru dance music, but now my heart lies with Psytrance"  After moving digital 5 yrs ago Monsters partys have grown and he is now the man behind the ChiChime partys in london,playing alongside Astrix,Eskimo,Dejavoo,Talamasca,Skazi to name a few. He is now looking at taking chichime to festivals hosting stages. Monsters energys dont stop there, he is an electrician, busy setting up his festival electrics company and he also finds time to produce decor with his good friend Leo

Looking to the future Monster is hitting the studio and starting to produce, working with fellow djs and learning whilst creating, with the drive and passion Monster has, surely his own music will follow suit.